Dream Closet || COLLAB SERIES

Although it is slightly behind the usual schedule, I am posting this month’s post from ‘A Girl Can Dream’ collab series, which was created by jacqueliinejoy and xoJenny. You can check out my previous posts here and here.  For this month, the theme is: Dream Closet. For me the dream is simply, one day, to have a walk-in closet (wardrobe), Currently I […]

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What I Read in May| 2017

After what seems like forever (it was probably about 2 years), I walked into my local library about a month ago, and I am so glad I did. I’d forgotten how good it was to be able to pick up books that I would normally have to really debate over because of thinking about their […]

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We’re back with the second month of this collab series, ‘A Girl Can Dream’, created by jacqueliinejoy and xoJenny! Once again go and check out their posts and their blogs. My first post from this series can be found here and was all about my dream wedding.  For this month, the theme is: Dream Home. As with my dream wedding, […]

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