OMG! I can’t even believe it. I didn’t even know it was coming up, but I have been blogging on The Reflections and Ramblings of me for a year. It is so crazy to think that it has been that long since I have started. I feel like I have learnt a lot over the […]

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23 Things Before I Turn 23

Before I start this post I just want to apologise for being AWOL for the last month or so. I’ve had some exciting things going on, including a family wedding, and I also went through a stage of no motivation after I felt that I’d lost the identity of what I want my blog to […]

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Life as a Graduate | One Year On

Although my graduation ceremony wasn’t until November (last year), it was just over a year ago that I officially completed my degree and my three years away at University. University for me was a life changing experience: I learnt soo much, both academically and non-academically, I made some amazing friends, who I’m sure I’ll have […]

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Dream Closet || COLLAB SERIES

Although it is slightly behind the usual schedule, I am posting this month’s post from ‘A Girl Can Dream’ collab series, which was created by jacqueliinejoy and xoJenny. You can check out my previous posts here and here.  For this month, the theme is: Dream Closet. For me the dream is simply, one day, to have a walk-in closet (wardrobe), Currently I […]

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