Dream Closet || COLLAB SERIES

Although it is slightly behind the usual schedule, I am posting this month’s post from ‘A Girl Can Dream’ collab series, which was created by jacqueliinejoy and xoJenny. You can check out my previous posts here and here

A Girl Can Dream Collab Banner

For this month, the theme is: Dream Closet.

For me the dream is simply, one day, to have a walk-in closet (wardrobe), Currently I have a simple wardrobe and a chest of drawers in my bedroom, which I struggle to fit all of my clothes into. Most of my shoes are also kept in a plastic box, and swapped out when the weather is right for a particular pair. 

So if I could have my dream closet it would look a bit like this: 

Dream Closet 1

I love loads of different things about this closet. The colour scheme for starters – I love the mix of the cream and the wood throughout. I also love the different areas for storing different items of clothing – particularly the sectioned drawers and the pull out shoe storage. 

Dream Closet 2

I LOVE the shoe storage – it would be amazing to have space for all my shoes individually. I would definitely be buying more pairs if I had somewhere like this to store them all.

Dream Closet 3

I would definitely be one to colour coordinate my wardrobe if I had the space, so I would want to have lots of hanging space. I also love the idea of having a dressing table in my walk-in closet as well – it would make getting ready so much easier if I could do it all in one place. 

So that is what I would chose as my dream closet. What would you pick for yours? 

— All photos used are from Pinterest —

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