Recent Additions to my YouTube Subscriptions | June 17

I love watching YouTube. In fact, I would say that I probably watch more YouTube than I watch TV, film etc. as of late. One thing I love about about YouTube is discovering new vloggers to watch, and recently I have added quite a few to my subscription list, so I thought that I would share them with you

Jess and Gabriel Conte


This couple are so adorable and I have recently loved watching their vlogs – from the very beginning of their relationship to their recent wedding and looking to buy their first house. They both have their own channels as well: Jess, who posts a variety of videos including covers and Gabriel, who posts vlogs and challenge videos primarily. 

Cody and Lexy Johns


I discovered Cody and Lexy’s channel one of a few videos they have done with Jess and Gabe and I immediately added them to my subscription list. Once again I love their style of video, which are more sit down and chat then an on the go vlog, but they always seem to have fun and love filming challenges against each other. 

Marcus and Kristin Johns

Johns 2

There isn’t too many videos on this channel yet, as they have only just created a joint vlogging channel but I loved watching footage from their honeymoon and their wedding. (I just basically like being nosey into other people’s lives!) And as you might be able to tell they are related to Cody and Lexy. They both have their own channels as well: Kristin, posts videos which tend to surround the themes of beauty and lifestyle, and Marcus, although he hasn’t posted too much has done a mix of vlogs and sit down chatty style videos.

Sierra and Alex

Sierra and Alex

I added this couple to my subscription list after I watched their recent vlogs about the preparation for their wedding, including looking for their perfect venue and their engagement video, as well as a variety of travel vlogs. Sierra also has her own channels with lifestyle and beauty videos. 

Flying the Nest

Flying the Nest.jpg

I love watching travel vlogs, and this couple from Australia have vlogged their trips around the world over the last couple of years. They have explored all ends of the earth and filmed along the way, and it’s amazing to watch videos from all the amazing places they’ve been. 

So those are just a few of the YouTubers I have recently discovered and have been loving.
I would love to know who you love watching on YouTube and if you have any recommendations for me.

Sign off


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