We’re back with the second month of this collab series, ‘A Girl Can Dream’, created by jacqueliinejoy and xoJenny! Once again go and check out their posts and their blogs. My first post from this series can be found here and was all about my dream wedding. 

A Girl Can Dream Collab Banner

For this month, the theme is: Dream Home.

As with my dream wedding, I’ve never really thought about the grand scheme of things with regards to what I would consider my dream home, but I am constantly scrolling through Pinterest and pinning little ideas of things that I love. 

I wrote a post a few months ago (check it out here), where I shared ideas for a reading nook, which will be a definite for me to have when I have a place of my own, even if it isn’t too extravagant to begin with.
Just to say quickly: I have no idea what I’m taking about with regards to interior design, so I just picked things that I liked the look and style of. 

Dream Home

I love the style of both of these houses. I think the first looks sophisticated but like it would be very homely, and the second is the ultimate dream, which is a beach house. 

Living Room

Dream Home 3

I love the homely but sophisticated vibe of this living room, and I am a huge fan of the colour palette that has been used – especially the blue tones. 


Dream Home 5

For me, I think that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a house. I love the open plan style of this kitchen with island and seated bar area. I also love the muted blue/grey colour that comes through in the wood. 

Dining Room

Dream Home 4

I love the black and white theme, and I think that clock is incredible. 


Dream Home 9

I love the colour scheme of this bedroom and how cosy it looks. I absolutely love the wood wall as a backdrop to the bed and the window seat is a great addition. It is definitely a beach house style bedroom. 

Kid’s Bedroom

Although I don’t have any kids of my own just yet, I always come across amazing kid’s bedroom designs and these are just a few that I love. I love the tepee in the boys bedroom and the colour theme throughout the whole space. I love the canopy over the bed in the girls room, as I always begged my parents for one when I was little and I love the style of this one.


Dream Home 6

There is nothing too special about this bathroom but I love it’s simplicity and clean feel. I am also a big fan of a large, deep bath as I love a relaxing bath in an evening.


Dream Home 8

I would love to have an office, and a space where I can just go to get away and write – whether it is for a blog, for work, or just for fun, but I love the style and simplicity of this space. 


Dream Home 11

Although I’m not too sure about gardens or what sort of style I would want, I love this seating area and outdoor fire, as it looks like it would be amazing for cosy nights outside, and a reading spot during nice summer days. 


I’m very aware that the styles I have picked for each room probably wouldn’t fit well together within a house as a whole, but obviously this is a dream home and I can’t imagine that I would ever get the opportunity to do things like the styles that I have picked. 

If you are interested in seeing anymore of my dream home styles, I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to my dreams and inspirations: Dream Home and Interior Design Inspirations

I would love to see/hear what your dream would be like 

Sign off


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