What I Spend Money On & My Biggest Dream in Life | Blog Challenge Week 23 & 24

I’m a few weeks behind on this challenge, so I thought that I would combine these two posts into one.

Week 23 – What I Spend My Money On

In the next few days what I regularly spend money on is going to change quite significantly – I have just started the process of owning my first car, which includes monthly payments, as well all the extras that come with being a car owner like insurance and petrol. I still live at home with my parents, so I don’t regularly have to pay bills or the such like, but I do give them a regular amount each month and I also pay for my phone bill regularly. 

As for other things, it generally goes on things that you would expect of a normal 21 year old – toiletries, days out, clothes and the such like. I’ve also noticed recently that I have got into the habit of buying lunch out quite regularly, which is something I hadn’t done much in the past. 

All in all, what I spend my money on isn’t very exciting, but is more than likely what you would expect of someone my age. 


Week 24 – My Biggest Dream in Life

As cheesy as this is going to sound, my biggest dream in life is to be happy! 

I don’t mind about my job, my living situations, my romantic relationships, if one day I can say I am truly happy and content with the shape that my life has taken. Of course there are things that I would love this ‘happiness’ to include, like a family of my own and a job that I love and allows me to provide for the people I love, but I think that happiness is the key whatever shape or form it may take.

What makes me happy now will more than likely alter as I get older and my life situations change. Being with my family now is something that I can often guarantee will make me happy, and I’m sure that that will never change, but people often say that there is nothing better than having a family of their own – and I can’t wait for that feeling one day. 

So I would say that my biggest dream in life is to be happy – whatever form that come in – but I would love for it to include a life partner and kids.


Sign off


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