If We Were Having Coffee #1 | May 2017


I’ve seen this style of post crop up quite a bit recently and I love the format it takes, so I thought that I would give it a go.


If we were having coffee.. I’d tell you that I’m not a coffee drinker, or really a hot drink drinker, so I’ll be having a hot chocolate or something cold.

If we were having coffee.. I would tell you that I am picking up my first car on Saturday, which I am beyond excited about. But I am also super nervous, as it will be the first time I’ve driven a car since I passed my test a few months ago and I’m worried that I’m going to have a total mind blank, or stall halfway home and have a complete freak out.

If we were having coffee.. I would tell you that I am going camping with some of my university friends on Sunday, and that I absolutely can’t wait, as I haven’t seen some of these people in about a year. I would tell you that I’m not a big camping fan, but I’m so excited to spend time with my friends, that I don’t really mind too much. I’d mention that I’m probably going to feel a bit like a spare part as most of the people coming are in relationships, but that I got used to it while we were at uni so I’m not expecting it to be any different.

If we were having coffee.. I would tell you that despite all these exciting things coming up, in light of the Manchester incident, it feels strange to be carrying on as normal when so many young and innocent people have been affected and many have lost their lives. I would tell you that I haven’t been able to put my phone down, as I’ve constantly been scrolling for updates about those who are still reported missing and that I am heartbroken about what the world has come to. I would also tell you how encouraged I am by the Manchester community, and how incredible it is to see people coming together and standing strong.

If we were having coffee.. I would tell you that I didn’t get that job I recently had an interview for, so I’ll be staying where I am for the foreseeable future, but that that is ok because I actually really like it there and I get on really well with the people that I work with, even though the hours aren’t the best. I would also mention that I am still going to apply for jobs, but I’m lacking a bit of motivation and I know that it is likely to get more difficult in the next few month as the next group of students graduate. 

If we were having coffee.. I would more than likely mention my wisdom teeth, which seem to be coming through at the minute and are making my gums very sensitive, and how I hoping that it doesn’t  last for very long at all. 

If we were having coffee.. I would tell you about how much I have been loving the weather recently, and that I am very glad that summer seems to have made an appearance and how much I hope that it will stick around for the long term.


I often feel the need to post about what it is going on in my life personally, but I’m never quite sure how to go about it in an interesting and engaging way for you guys, where I don’t just end up rambling and going off on complete tangents. So please let me know what you think and if you’d like to see this sort of post on a regular basis.

Sign off


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