Looking Through My Memory Box

About a month ago, I decided to have a big tidy up and clear out of my room and I rediscovered my memory box, which I haven’t looked through for quite a while. It is full of things that remind me of things I’ve done over the years and it was a great journey down memory lane. So I thought it might be fun to share some of the stuff that I’ve kept in this box and the memories that come with them. 

MB University

Some of the most recent additions to my memory box are from my time at university.  This is a complete mix of stuff. It includes the course handbook I was given in my very first lecture, tickets for the end of year ball and awards ceremony, a ticket to my very first American Football game and score sheets from trips out when a group of us went bowling and played laser quest. University was such an incredible experience for me, and I have so much more stuff that reminds me of it – including all my old lecture notes, but this is just a selection of the stuff that I have kept. 


The items in this picture are a mixture of things that are linked to the musical theatre society I was apart of during my three years: Loco Show Co. I have kept programmes from the shows we performed – which include Little Shop of Horrors and Back to the 80s. I also have pages of the scripts, awards I was given and my leavers book, which is full of messages from the amazing friends I made in this society. 

MB Peter Pan

Sticking to the musicals theme – when I was in high school I was involved in quite a few school productions. One of these was Peter Pan, and although I was just a chorus member, I remember having great fun. Some of the things I kept from this include: a programme, sheet music and newspaper articles published locally about the show. 

MB We Will Rock You.JPG

Another school production I was involved in was We Will Rock You, a musical based on the hits of the band Queen. I did this show twice, once at my high school and once “on tour” – we were supposed to travel to partner schools in Europe but unfortunately this didn’t happen so we performed at another school in the UK. I have quite a few things to remember this show, as it was such an incredible experience for me, including part of the costume I wore, a signed programme from the cast, my script, newspaper articles and programmes from when we went to see the show in the West End, London. 

MB Shows and Concerts

I am a huge fan of musicals and music in general, so I have a big pile of programmes and tickets that I have kept (this is only some of them). I have some amazing memories from a lot of these shows, including going to see High School Musical on stage with a friend as a kid to more recently seeing 5 Seconds of Summer live. 

MB Cursed Child

One of the most recent show I have seen is Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I was lucky enough to get to see the show while it was still in its preview stages and it was absolutely incredible, so I had to grab myself a programme to add to my collection. 

MB Harry Potter

Sticking to the Harry Potter theme, I kept a few souvenirs from my trip to the Harry Potter Studios in London a few years ago – including a ‘programme’ (of sorts) which details more about the studios and the behind the scenes of the films. I also have a Hogwarts crest keyring which I brought myself and the ‘passport’ which was stamped as we wondered around the building. I loved having a preview of behind the scenes, and I would love to go back to the studios, especially since last time they didn’t have the Hogwarts Express. 

This is just some of the stuff in my memory box. I will probably do a part two as there is so much more from further back in my childhood that I haven’t shared. If you’d be interested in seeing that, please let me know. 

Sign off


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