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I’ve always thought about what my wedding would be like. When I was younger, me and my older sister went through a phase of pretending we were wedding planners. My gran had a little summer house, which we would use as our office, and we would use the yellow pages and old magazines and pretend that we were organising weddings for people. I also had the privilege of  being my cousins bridesmaid when I was about 8 or 9, and I think I always wondered what my wedding would be like. 

A Girl Can Dream Collab Banner

This post is the first in the ‘A Girl Can Dream’ collaboration series created by jacqueliinejoy and xoJenny, so definitely go and check out their original posts and their blogs (I am a huge fan!). I can’t wait to see what’s to come in this series! 

When I have thought about my dream wedding in the past, I have to say I don’t think that I have really thought about the big things like the venue or the dress, but I have focused on the little aspects like what I would love to have as a centrepiece, the favours, and quirky extras, rather than major aspects.  

I have always loved the idea of a vintage themed wedding, with quirky, rustic features rather than an extravagant, over the top set up. In my dream world, I would definitely have a beach wedding – somewhere with guaranteed sunshine, if I could get all my guests there without a doubt.  

Beach Wedding

I think I would stick to neutral colours, with light pinks and peaches, or maybe a subtle lilac colour and keep everything very natural. I haven’t really put much thought into my dress, but I want something really simple, and flattering -that I know I will feel comfortable in. I love the idea of something like this:


I also love the idea of having smaller cupcakes, rather than one big cake

Dream Wedding Cake

For me, scrolling through Pinterest and looking at wedding ideas, it is all about the little details.
For example – Cute little favours and things to do for kids

Dream Wedding

And other little details like:

Dream Wedding 3

Dream Wedding 2

Dream Wedding 4

I really loved putting together this post, and thinking, as a big picture, what my dream wedding would really be.
I can’t wait to see what is next for this collab series. Don’t forget to check out jacqueliinejoy and xoJenny (the creators of this collab). 

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3 thoughts on “Dream Wedding | COLLAB SERIES

  1. Love the soft romantic feel of this!! I definitely also could spend hours on Pinterest looking at these pictures! And you are so right, finding the right flattering fit and having a comfortable dress are the 2 main points! xoxo Sarah


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