Gratitude Challenge – Five Things I Like About Myself

I actually found this post really difficult to think about writing. We are so used to looking at and pointing out our own flaws that it is often difficult to think about things we like about ourselves. I’m not sure that I am entirely happy with the list I came up with, but I thought I would share it anyway

Loyal – My friends and family mean the world to me and I would consider myself loyal to them. I would put them first in practically any situation that arises and I am always appreciative of everything that they do for me. 

Listener – I think that I would consider myself a great listener. I always try to be the person that someone feels that they can openly talk to, and I love to think that people feel as though they can be open to talk to me about anything – although as a result, sometimes I find myself putting others problems before my own.

Passionate – I saw this on someone else’s list and thought that it applied to me as well. I am really passionate about the things I love to do and I really give them my all. If it’s something I really love, I often put all of my energy into it and push through any barriers or issues. 

Creative and Imaginative – I put these two together because I feel like it makes sense. I love being a creative person and I love that I am able to express myself through creative outputs, where I would otherwise struggle to show how I feel. I think that creativity and imagination go hand in hand, and I love that I have the imagination to create things that I love – including this blog. 

Ability to find joy and appreciate the little things – This is something that I am slowly learning to get better at. To appreciate the person who smiled at me in the street, to appreciate being home alone and to find joy in the things that I would usually pass over. 

What about you? What things do you like about yourself? 

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