10 Things I Would Save in a Fire

I’ve seen this post a few times and I have watched a few YouTube videos about what people would save in a fire, so I thought I would do my own list. Obviously I would only grab these things if all my family was safe and it was safe for me to do so. 


My Childhood Teddies – I have had these teddies for as long as I can remember and I would be devastated to lose them. 


My Laptop – There is so much saved on here that I would hate to lose, including pictures and all of my university work, as well as stories I used to attempt to write, that I have’t got saved or backed up anywhere else. 


Photos – Although there isn’t many in this picture, loads of my favourite pictures I have printed out and stuck on my wall. There is also lots of loose photos from when I was little lying around the house that I would just have to grab. 


Photo Albums (2)

Photo Albums + Scrapbooks – This sort of follows on from the previous, but I thought these would probably class as separate items. I have loads of photo albums and scrapbooks of memories, both that I have made and that other people have given me, which are full of memories I wouldn’t want to forget.


Necklace – I’ve had this necklace for quite a few years now, but it’s still really special as it’s one of the first things my little brother chose to give to me as a present. He picked it out himself and was super proud of the fact, and I love it. 

Money Box.JPG

Money Box – Thinking practically money would be good in the case of a fire, and so I would grab my money box as I have managed to save quite a bit recently and it would be really helpful to have. 

Dog Ornaments.JPG

Dog Ornaments – I used to collect dog ornaments like this as I was growing up, and although the amount I have is much smaller now, I would hate to lose the few I do have left. A few of these are also ornaments of the breed of dog I had growing up, so they always remind me of him.


Phone – Again thinking practically, my phone would be used for keeping in contact with people. Also I use the diary on my phone more than a physical diary, so I would know what I am working and what I am supposed to be doing. 

Decorative Items.JPG

Decorative, Sentimental Items – I would grab these type of things purely for the sentimental value they hold and the memories that come with them. These two in particular were given to me by my niece and one of my best friends so they are especially special. 

This last one I don’t have a picture of, because it is currently a complete mess but I would also grab my Memory Box. It is a plastic box that is full of things from when I was growing up, including programmes of shows I have seen, my high school leavers book and other things I have gathered over the years. I am hoping to do a post at some point, where I go through this box, so let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in. 

What ten things would you save in a fire?

Sign off


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