Gratitude Challenge – Express Gratitude to 3 People

I wasn’t quite sure how to go about writing this post for this prompt, and it may not be the way the creator of this challenge anticipated it but I’m going to write a short little bit for and about three people I feel the need to express gratitude to. 

The first is My Mum.

Parents do so much for us, and most of the time we don’t even realise it. My mum is going a way for a few days next week, and so she has left a list of jobs and things for me and my sister to do while she is gone, and it has really made me double take and think about how much she actually does for me, that I quite often take for granted. 

To Mum,
Thank you for everything that you do for me – all the things I see and all those that I don’t. I am continuously grateful for all you have given me, and continue to give me, and all the support and encouragement you provide. Thank you for being a shoulder to cry on, someone I can laugh with, and someone who is always there to help me make decisions – both big and little. I really appreciate everything that you do for me and I am so grateful that I am lucky to have you!
I love you xx

Next is one of my best friends Danielle. 

We have been friends for as long as I can remember, as our older sisters were always really close, but we became great friends about 6 or 7 years ago. She is currently in South Africa on a gap year and it is so weird without her just being down the road. 

First of all, I miss you loads but I know you are having a once in a lifetime trip in South Africa and experiencing so much. I want to say thank you for always being there for me, whether it is in person, on the end of the phone, or over Facebook messenger. You have been such a rock over the last few years and I don’t know what I would have done without you. Thank you for being my 5 Seconds of Summer, Bondi Rescue and Pretty Little Liars buddy and totally fangirling with me!
I can’t wait to see you when you get home soon! 

The last person I want to include in this post is a bit of an unusual one. It’s not a friend or a member of my family – in fact it is someone I have never met: Zoe Sugg (Zoella). 

Thank you for being an inspiration to so many, including me. I have been following your YouTube channel for years and you have been such an inspiration and encouragement for me to follow my dreams despite what people say and believe I can or can’t do. Thank you for showing me and everyone who watches your videos that it’s ok to have bad days, that (as cheesy as it sounds) that it is ok not to be ok, and that taking time away for yourself is a good thing. Watching your videos, and reading your blog, is probably one of the reasons I started my own blog, so thank you. And as a quick side note
 – thank you, also, for igniting my love for baking through your videos!

So those are my quick notes to three people I wanted to express gratitude to. There are so many more I could have done – and probably so much more I could’ve written. 

Who would you love to express your gratitude to? 

Sign off


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