Gratitude Challenge – The City I Live In

I’ve lived in a small town all my life – well except while I was at university – and although there are aspects about it that I love, there’s things I don’t really like as well. 

I love that it is quite quaint and inviting, but there isn’t loads to do, especially as a teen or young adult, and not loads of opportunities. It’s not the best place to spend a day out, but there is a handful of good shops, and lots of charity shops!, but sometimes its nice that its so familiar and small. 

It is in a great place, with a large city less than an hour away but also some great outdoor areas and it isn’t too far from the beach and sea front either. 

Wells Sea Front.JPG

I think going away to university and living in a reasonably large city, and then coming home afterwards, has made me appreciate the place I live a lot more. 

Sign off


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