Week 17 – My Biggest Fears

I can’t say that I have ever really put much thought in to what I would consider my biggest fears. 

I am not a fan of heights at all. I’m awful at anything that is even a little high, like a ferris wheel and I’m certainly not good with really large heights. I remember being on an exchange trip to Spain and we visited a castle that was on top of a mountain and I couldn’t bear to look at what I’m sure was an amazing view because I hated thinking about high up we were. 

On a very different note, I think that I have a fear of never really being truly happy and content with my life. I imagine that this fear has grown out of the unknown of what could happen, particularly as a result of graduating, and being unaware of where I could find myself next. I understand that it’s probably a strange fear to have as there is always going to be something in life that is not quite right or the way I want it, but I hope that one day I will be able to look past that thing and say that I am happy with the way I am and the path my life is on. 

What do you think your biggest fear is?



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