Week 16 – My Biggest Fashion Accessory

I’m not someone who pays to much mind to fashion, nor would I say that I have a particular fashion sense. I’m not even sure what you would exactly class as a fashion ‘accessory’, but thinking about what I would call my biggest fashion accessory I would choose one of two things. 

The first is my watch. My mum and dad brought me this for Christmas two years ago and I still love it.


Although it is really simple, it is perfect for everyday wear, including for work, but also I have worn it when I’ve been dressing up to go out as well. It is made by Sekonda, and is a simple nave blue strap with gold accents on the watch face. 

And the second is a scarf. I am wearing a scarf 99% of the time, no matter what the weather, and I have so many in lots of different styles and colours. I seem to wear the lain black one the most in the winter as it is really big and cosy, but if I had to pick a favourite, it would probably be the cream scarf with colourful birds on. 


A group of the girls I went to sixth form with brought this for me for 18th birthday from Accessorise. It is really lightweight and perfect for summer wear, and I love it.

What would you say is your biggest fashion accessory? 



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