Gratitude Challenge – Spouse/Significant Other

When I saw the prompt for this weeks Gratitude Challenge post, I thought well I can’t write anything but just because I don’t have a significant other right now it doesn’t mean I can’t be grateful. 

I am currently single, but in my current life/job position, I am actually quite grateful that I am. I’m in a bit of a limbo personally having finished university and looking for a long-term job etc, and being single has given me the opportunity to really focus on me and my future, rather than having to consider how it would affect a relationship as well. 

I’m a very cheesy romantic when it comes to relationships, and I believe that the right person is out there somewhere and when the time is right, everything will happen. It is difficult sometimes, especially I found at university, being single when friends are all in relationships, and I constantly found myself being a third wheel, but I have seen people in bad and stressful relationships and that isn’t something I ever want to find myself having. 

I am thankful for being single and what that means for me, as an individual, as well as for my other relationships, with my friends and family.



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