What I Read (on Wattpad) in January

I go through stages of reading things on Wattpad (a user-generated online storytelling community) and the beginning of 2017 has seen me reading quite a few different stories. I tend to read on my phone and I have the Wattpad app downloaded. 

I thought that I would share some of the books that I read on Wattpad during January:

Dear Sydney by katherinepowell


Two juniors in high school, each fresh out of a breakup, thousands of miles away from each other. Connor Hall and Sydney Porter didn’t expect anything to happen when they were assigned to be each other’s pen pals at their respective schools, yet feelings can emerge from anything, even simple letters.

I liked this book, and thought it was really creative in that it was written entirely through tweets, Facebook posts, letters and texts. It was a new and different format to anything else  I’d read on the site and I enjoyed it. 

Surviving Adam Meade by liveandlove10


School is stressful, senior year is worse, and Adam Meade is a problem of a different calibre. Seventeen-year-old Claire Collins had a plan: get into college and leave North Carolina behind. What she didn’t have, was an idea for how to get rid of the local football star and womaniser extraordinaire — Adam Meade. Seventeen-year-old Adam was a stranger to failure. He got what he wanted, had a reputation for a reason, and never heard the word no…until Claire. The new girl left him unnerved, pissed off, and confused. With tensions high and a football career hanging in the balance, choices are made, secrets revealed, and hearts broken. Life isn’t easy when you’re trying to graduate. It’s even harder when you’re trying to survive Adam Meade.

I really enjoyed this story, despite it being a bit of a stereotypical rom-com. I loved the developing relationship between Claire and Adam and the impact this had on their individual characters, and I will, hopefully, soon read the second instalment in the series to see what happens next. 


These next few have a bit of a theme. Over the last few months I have binge-watched Teen Wolf and loved it all over again, and so, as Wattpad is known for its fan-fiction, I have read a few Teen Wolf books. 

Imelda Drake Series by ASH CASH
     Fireball; Combustible; Explosive; Hazardous; Destruction


Peter Hale wanted to form a new pack. He was desperate, and to him, biting teenagers to transition sounded like a good idea. Scott McCall wasn’t the only one bitten that night, and his life wasn’t the only one changing. Imelda Drake was the quiet girl, the girl that nobody noticed and if they did it was to make fun of her hair or the shoes she was wearing. When Peter finds her walking home from a bookstore that night, he sees an opportunity and strikes. Now she sees herself being noticed… and not just by the entire Beacon Hills student body, but also by a werewolf. 

I really enjoyed this series, particularly the fiery and sassy character that Imelda is, as well as the inventive way that the writer manages to transition her into the television series’ plot as the Dea. I also love her complicated relationships with Derek and later Scott, as well as her varying friendships with the series regulars. 

New Again by JustMe52


Dakota Beckett is ever the optimistic. She strongly believes that everything happens for a reason, even if she does not know what that reason is. When her whole world comes crashing down around her, literally, she still manages to think positively and keep a good head on her shoulders. Life is all about moving forward, a quote and lifestyle that her parents have always taught her growing up. After one terrible accident and a miracle, Dakota is more alive than ever. The death of her parents has hit her hard, but the family motto stays present in her mind, reminding her to just keep going. With her cousin and a new friend, Dakota finds it a little easier to deal with her new self.

I really liked that this story was set later into the TV series, with characters like Parrish and Liam playing significant roles. It was also interesting to see how the writer depicted the high and lows of the werewolf transformation differently to other stories and the TV show. 


I would definitely recommend these stories, and Wattpad as a platform for reading and writing, if you’re interested. I would also love some new Wattpad recommendations if you have any.



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