What Next?

This post is inspired by the blog post Limbo written by embracingthecliche, who perfectly summed up my life currently.

Having recently (although not as recently as it feels) graduated from University, I was in the position where I felt as though that meant that the ‘rest of my life’ was having to start. That I had to find a job that I could see myself in for years to come. To find something that I could do which would mean I could support myself and move out of home.

But here I am a few months later, still living at home in my childhood bedroom with a part-time job, that I keep telling myself, and others, that it is just for now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the job I have – the people are lovely and I really enjoy it – but it’s not the end goal. 

So what do I do?

Do I stick where I am, with a part-time job, living at home and try and find some volunteering and eventually the long-term full time position in the profession that I hope I will love. Do I build myself to where I would love to be and take each step at a time.

Or do I jump completely out of my comfort zone and just go for it? Do I apply for that job, that I probably wont even get, miles away from where I grew up. Do I travel – which is something I’ve always dreamed of but never had the money or confidence to do. 

In her post, Fiona (embracingthecliche) perfectly summed it up as a feeling of Limbo. Being stuck in an in between place of somewhere you’d love to be and where you really are – and what realistically the next step could or should be.

Is there anyone else in a similar position? Or people who have been there and done that who have any advice to give?




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