Week 9 – My Biggest Pet Peeve

When I was thinking of what I would consider my biggest pet peeve, I couldn’t think of just one thing that stood out but there are a few things that I would consider my pet peeves.

The first is people who stand in the middle of the pavement to have a conversation. I’m sorry but the pavement is not big enough for you to stand there and discuss what you had for dinner or where you want to go next. If you need to have that conversation, at least move next to a wall or find a little more space, rather than getting in the way of every other person trying to go about their day and get past you. 

Another pet peeve of mine is people who stand right by the door trying to get on a train while you’re trying to get off, especially if the decide to complain if you bump into them or ask them politely to move. The courteous and common sense thing would be for you to take a step back and let me get off first, rather than your foot getting ran over by my case and you very loudly complaining, even though I apologised and said excuse me. 

The last pet peeve I’m going to mention, is one I have only gained recently after stating a new job, and it is people who complain about a store policy that I cannot change or have no say in. It is not my decision for those things to be in place, yet as the cashier I am the person who gets the brunt of the complaints. No I can’t change the policy just for you, it is a store policy for a reason and I would probably lose my job if I changed it. You asking me why over and over again is also  not going to change the fact that it is still store policy and there is nothing I can do, I have to stick to the rules!

So those are a few of my pet peeves. What would you say is your biggest pet peeve? 



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