Summary of 2016

2016 has been a year of ups and downs, both for me personally and for the world as a whole.

2016 has seen:

  • Britain choose to leave the European Union
  • Donald Trump being voted in as President of the US
  • Multiple attacks have led to thousands of lives lost and millions didn’t from their homes
  • Many well known stars lose their lives, including Prince and Carrie Fisher
  • The Pokémon Go phenomenon
  • The Summer Olympics, which saw athletes from all walks of life make a great legacy
  • And much more both positive and negative


    • I graduated from University – which was both a positive and negative in that I had achieved so much but it also meant that the whole crazy experience was over
    • There was the struggle of finding a job – and although I am really happy where I am, it is not the long term goal
    • I started this blog and I’m really happy with the progress so far (and I have lots planned for next year)
    • There have also been some difficulties in my life but I have been and am working through them and I am hopeful about my progress

      How has your year been? What have been the best bits? 

      Happy new year everyone! I hope that it’s a great one


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