Week 8 – An Unforgettable Day in my Life

I have had a lot of days so far in my life that I know I will never forget, both good and bad. But the most recent and probably one of my proudest achievements is graduating from university.

My graduation ceremony took place in Worcester, where I studied, in the Cathedral and in the arena. It was an amazing day celebrating what we, as a year group and as individuals, had achieved, and it was great to catch up with friends after a few months.

I’m so glad that my family got to be part of the day as well. My mum, dad and little brother were all able to come and see the graduation, which was really special and it meant a lot to me that they could be there to see what I had achieved.


The day also ended in a catch up with some of the friends I had made who are in the years below and still at the university, a night out with two of my closest friends, and then a lovely few days spent with one of my best friends.

It really was an amazing day and one I know that I will never forget!



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