My Worst Christmas Present Ever | Blogmas 2016 Day 21

After I wrote the post a few days ago about my best Christmas present I thought that I would follow it with a post about my worst one. But after a lot of thinking I couldn’t really say there was one worst present ever. There have been a few incidents over the years where I’ve wondered why someone has brought me that or I’ve thought that I would never have picked that for myself but there is not just one thing that stands out as the worst!

One thing I remember as a not so great present was a set of books from one of my grandparents. Except it wasn’t the books themselves that I didn’t like, in fact I had asked for them in the past, the problem was that she had brought me the exact same just the year before and hadn’t remembered 🙂 Or also in the past I have been brought DVDs that I had already brought for myself previously.

I’m also sure that when I was younger there were gifts that I was given that I didn’t really appreciate at that age. For example , I can’t imagine if I was brought underwear or socks when I was younger that I would have really enjoyed or apparently it, but if someone were to do that now it would mean more as it would mean that I just wouldn’t have to get them for myself.

And so even though there isn’t just one present that I can classify as the worst, there have definitely been a few that I have been overly enthusiastic about.

Would you say that you have ever had a worst present?


2 thoughts on “My Worst Christmas Present Ever | Blogmas 2016 Day 21

  1. I defiantly had a worst present. When I was 10 someone accidentally bought me a pornographic calendar instead of one with horses on it, it was very disturbing but funny!


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