My Favourite YouTube Videos to Watch at Christmas | Blogmas 2016 Day 20

Watching YouTube videos is something I find myself doing constantly all year round, but in the build up to Christmas, particularly during Vlogmas there are particular types of videos that I find myself watching more than others – even from previous years.

1) What I Got For Christmas or Gift Giving / Opening 

I find it so interesting to see what other people get for Christmas – especially people in the positions of “famous” YouTubers, where they can probably buy themselves a lot. Some of my favourite YouTubers to watch have posted these types of videos in the past, including Tanya Burr (What I Got For Christmas 2015!) and Zoe Sugg (Zoella) with Niomi (Smart) and Tanya.

2) Christmas Themed Days Out

Things like vlogs filmed at Winter Wonderland, or trips to see Santa are so festive and often instantly cheer me up. This year there have been lots of these including Joe Sugg (ThatcherJoe) Winter Wonderland vlogs (Very Drunk Karaoke…), which makes me want to visit Winter Wonderland even more. I also love stuff like the SacconeJoly’s vlog where they visited Lapland UK, especially the kids’ reaction to all things Christmassy.


3) Christmas Music

Not the music videos themselves, but anything to do with Christmas music like Joe Sugg’s Christmas Singing Impressions with Conor Maynard or Jim Chapman’s video with Tanya and Zoe, with the Christmas Lyric Challenge


4) Christmas Themed Challenges 

This is a really broad one and there are so many different challenge videos out there but they are more often than not fun and relaxed videos. One of my recent favourites is Sean Elliott OConnor’s Gingerbread Challenge with Poppy, Zoe and Alfie. An old video that I love and still find myself going back and watching is a collaboration by Tanya Burr and Joe Sugg where they have a Christmas Quiz Smoothie Challenge


5) Food / Baking Videos

I keep mentioning my love for baking, and these types of videos are often a great provider of inspiration for my own creations like Zoe’s Quick & Easy Festive Treats which she has done a few years running.


6) Decorating Christmas Trees

There is just something I love about seeing other people decorate their tree, like what theme they use or what they use on the top of their tree (Is that weird? 🙂 )  Most YouTubers who participate in Vlogmas so this at some point and so I’ve watched quite a few including Zoe’s and Carrie Fletcher’s.


What sort of stuff do you love to watch this time of the year? Do you have any video recommendations for me?



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