Christmas Past | Blogmas 2016 Day 18

For today’s post, I thought I would simply share some old pictures of me and my family at Christmas time.


This is one of the oldest ones I could find saved on my laptop, and it is from 2009. I’m not exactly sure what face I am trying to pull, but I can’t believe how little my brother is (he would have been about 2 here). It was taken at a Christmas experience close to where I live called Thursford.


This one was only taken last year (2015) but it was taken at about 6am on Christmas morning after my brother had excitedly woken me up to open what Santa had left for us.


This was taken in 2014, while at university, on a Christmas themed social. It was a great evening and everyone really got into the Christmas spirit.


Again I’m not really sure what face I am trying to pull here, but this one was taken in 2013, at my Nan’s house on Boxing Day before we opened a lot more presents.

These are just a few Christmas pictures, I found in my Facebook history and on my laptop, I’m sure there are plenty more hidden in my mum’s photo albums somewhere, but this is just a pick of a few.



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