Christmas Jumpers | Blogmas 2016 Day 16

How crazy is it that it is day 16 already! I can’t believe how quickly Christmas is approaching. As my Dad says, it will all be over before we know it. But in the spirit of all things festive, I thought that today I would write a little post about Christmas Jumpers.

The first Christmas jumper I brought for myself was a few years ago and it was just a cheap one from Primark. I can’t remember the exact price, and I’m not sure whether you can still buy it or not, but I can’t imagine I would have payed more than about £10 for it.


It is a bright red colour, with three glittery baubles and the slogan ‘nice baubles’ written in white. I remember when I first brought it, there were little bells attached but they were soon removed as they got annoying very quickly.

After I started at my new job a few weeks ago, I was told that in the build up to Christmas we could wear our Christmas jumpers during our shifts. I soon got bored of wearing the same jumper for each shift, so I treated myself to a new one.


This one came from and was £18, so slightly more expensive. I think this one is a bit more subtle, in the black and white colours with small hearts, reindeers and holly and it is soo cosy.

I thought about adding to this post my ‘dream’ Christmas jumper, but there are so many to choose from at all varying prices, I think that if I was ever in need of a new Christmas jumper I would just see what I could find then and there. Although as a big fan of the DC superhero TV shows, I think it would be pretty cool to have a Flash or Arrow Christmas jumper, or similarly a jumper from a franchise that I really love, like Harry Potter.

The Flash Christmas-Jumper.jpg


Do you have a Christmas jumper? Are you a fan of the classic understated, the over-the-top and colourful or the fandom themed jumpers?



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