Gift Ideas | Blogmas 2016 Day 14

I’m not the best at buying gifts for people but there are a few rules and categories I often try to stick to

Beauty Sets

You can never go wrong with a good beauty/smelly set and there are so many to choose from at both ends of the price spectrum and for both males and females. Some of my favourite beauty/smelly sets include the LUSH boxes and the Soap and Glory sets/products


Decor Items

Things like candles, picture frames (with your chosen pictures in), plaques with cool quotes or even things like plants can make lovely gifts for the right person


Gift Tokens/Cards

I know for some people this may seem like a bit of a cop-out, but I would rather get someone a voucher so they can pick something they want or need, rather than just buying something random for the sake of it


Fun, Novelty gifts

There are some really fun things out there now, which you may think are perfect for the right person. A few examples include a grow your own boyfriend (which I brought someone as a joke Secret Santa last year and it went down very well) or maybe more serious like this cool light box, which are quite popular at the minute


Personalised gifts

You can find all sorts of items that can be personalised at all sorts of prices such as mugs, frames or even clothing. This year we have created some personalised photo calendars for my grandparents


Homemade gifts

I often find that there is nothing better than receiving a homemade gift, so I love to give them as well. I am hoping to write a blog post in the next few days with some more ideas about making gifts at home.

Ask the person

This might be a bit obvious and self-explanatory, but I often find myself asking people, especially my brother and sister, what it is they want for Christmas, which means that they end up with a CD or DVD of their choice, from a list that I have been given

So there is just a few gift ideas. I’m not sure how helpful they will be but they are the main categories that I seem to stick to when buying gifts. I think that the most important thing however is that you think about the person you are buying for – their interests, their current situation (e.g. have they just moved house etc.) and your relationship to them. A lot of the presents I have brought (and received) have some kind of meaning to that person, or are linked to something that we have in common or do together – For example, my musicals enthusiast friend brought me a t-shirt with some lyrics to one of our favourite songs on.

If you have any gift ideas or inspirations, I’d love to hear them. How do you decide what to buy people?




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