10 Things That Make Me Feel Christmassy | Blogmas 2016 Day 13

It’s less than two weeks until Christmas!! I’m so excited and so in the spirit of the day that is fast approaching, here is a list of 10 things that make me feel Christmassy!

1) Putting up the Christmas Tree and decorating the house

This year was the first time I had been able to help my family decorate in a few years because of being away at university, and it instantly put me in a festive mood. It was even more festive with a Christmas playlist.

2) Listen to Christmas Music

My Auntie’s birthday is on the 30th of November and so we used to have a jokey rule in my house growing up that we weren’t allowed to listen to Christmas music until after that. But it is always a guarantee to make me feel in the Christmas spirit after listening to the Christmas classics, or the Michael Bublé Christmas album

3) Planning and Shopping for Christmas presents

Although I try and get my shopping done as in advance as possible, there’s always a buzz that comes from picking out what to buy each person and shopping in the masses of people doing the same.

4) Opening my Advent Calendar 

The countdown to Christmas has well and truly started when you open the first door of your advent calendar. It is also the only time of year where eating chocolate for breakfast is totally acceptable

5) Getting Christmas Cards

Getting cards, through the post or handed to me, is definitely that something that makes me feel Christmassy, especially when they come from special people or from family that I haven’t spoken to or seen for a while

6) Planning what we’re going to have for Christmas dinner

Planning the Christmas lunch menu, and picking out the snacks for the rest of the day. It is the one time of the year where it’s seen as OK to eat as much as you can until you feel like your burst and to just gorge on junk food.

7) Lighting an advent candle 

It’s a visual representation of the days passing, and as each number burns away, the excitement seems to build

8) Spending time with Friends and Family

Although I do this all year round, it feels extra special during the festive period

9) Snow

This is quite an obvious one, and something I have mentioned in a previous post, but snow at Christmas time, although it doesn’t happen very often in the UK unfortunately, is a guarantee to get anyone in the Christmas spirit

10) Going to a lights switch on event or Christmas party

Although this is sort of two in one, celebrating Christmas whether at a lights switch on or a party, are definitely something that celebrates being in a festive mood.

So that is just a list of 10 of the things that make me feel Christmassy. What gets you in the festive spirit?



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