Would You Rather Christmas Edition | Blogmas 2016 Day 3

I thought this would be a bit of a fun thing to do. I’ve taken the questions from Minds in Bloom

Would you rather…

1 – have to loudly sing the chorus of “Jingle Bells” every time you walk into a room for a week OR have to wear a Santa suit to school every day for a week

This is a difficult one. I definitely wouldn’t want to do either but I’d probably do the Santa suit. I think I would just tell people that I was doing it for charity or something like that so I had an excuse for wearing it 

2 – make presents for your family instead of buying them OR make ornaments for your Christmas tree instead of buying them

I think that homemade Christmas presents are lovely, and I am making some for people this year, but I think that I would rather have homemade ornaments

3 – not celebrate Christmas this year OR not celebrate your birthday this year

100% I would rather not celebrate my birthday. As I have previously said for me Christmas is all about family, and so I’d rather that than celebrating my birthday

4 – have Frosty the Snowman for a friend OR Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer for a friend

I think I would pick Rudolf, he can fly and I think it would just be more fun

5 – have mistletoe hanging in your bedroom doorway OR have a large, decorated Christmas tree in your bedroom doorway

Again I would’t really like either, but if I had to choose I would have the mistletoe, because I have such a small bedroom and a tree would just get in the way no matter how festive and nicely decorated it was

6 – have Christmas tree tinsel for hair OR  have fingernails that light up like Christmas lights

This is a strange one to think about but I think I would choose fingernails that light up. It could be pretty cool

7 – be at home on Christmas and get lots of presents OR go to Disneyland for Christmas but not get any presents

As much as I can imagine that Disney is amazing at Christmas, I think I would have to choose Christmas at home, even without the presents.

8 – eat your cereal with eggnog instead of milk OR eat a candy cane sandwich

Nether of these sound very pleasant but I think I would pick the candy cane sandwich

9 – live in a giant gingerbread house OR ride on the Polar Express

Living in a gingerbread house doesn’t sound very practical, despite it probably being very yummy, so I’d pick the Polar Express

10 – be allowed to only eat fruitcake for two days OR be allowed to only eat candy canes for two days

Both would definitely make me sick, but I would choose the candy canes

11 – write a five-paragraph essay about the meaning of Christmas OR solve a page of Christmas-themed math problems

The essay! I have never been a huge fan of maths and would write an essay over equations and such-like any day 

12 – have a nose that glows red like Rudolf’s OR have pointy ears like an elf

I would pick pointy ears. You could hide these a bit easier than a glowing nose

13 – visit the North Pole OR  Visit Bethlehem

I would love to do both but I think for me if I had to chose it would be Bethlehem. I would just love to experience the culture and see the history of the place

14 – receive socks for Christmas OR receive a dictionary for Christmas

I think I would pick socks, I already own a dictionary and you don’t really need more than one 

15 – be given $100 for Christmas to buy things for yourself OR be given $1000 before Christmas to use to buy gifts for other people

Definitely to buy gifts for other people! I would love to have a bigger budget to really treat those I love

16 – get many small presents for Christmas OR get one big present for Christmas

I think I would chose lots of small presents. It would be more fun to open than just one present

17 – have a job wrapping presents at the mall OR have a job taking pictures of children sitting on Santa’s lap at the mall

Definitely taking pictures. My wrapping skills are disastrous – my mum has to do most of it for me 🙂

18 -be one of Santa’s elves OR be one of Santa’s reindeer

I would be a reindeer – you get to fly, see the world and lots of free food left by people

 19 – see The Nutcracker OR dance in The Nutcracker

I don’t really know a lot about The Nutcracker, so I would just choose to watch it 

20 – spend a day watching Christmas videos OR  spend a day Christmas shopping at the mall

I’m not a huge shopper, so definitely watching videos. I try to start my Christmas shopping as early as I can so I can do it in stages rather than just in one day.

I would love to know what your picks would be. Feel free to comment 



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