Week 5 –My Favourite Holiday

This is a difficult one! There are so many holidays that I could choose both locally within the UK and abroad.

Somewhere that I have been going for about 7 or 8 years is a caravan park not far from where I live. It isn’t anything fancy but it was often the time of year that I got to spend with some of my cousins, however I have to say as we’ve got older we’ve outgrown it a bit, although it is so lovely to see my niece enjoying things that I remember loving.


However, I think one of my favourite holidays ever, was Cyprus 2004/5. We went two years running, and stayed in the same hotel, but I loved every minute of it! We stayed in Ayia Napa, before it became party central for tourists, and it was my first experience of travelling abroad and of a new culture.


Although I remember spending lots of time by the pool and on the beach, with my family and some family friends, I do remember going to an amazing water park and going for long walks in the evening once the temperature had dropped.

Me & Tanya.JPG

It was however, this holiday that swore me of go-karting, and similar activities, after chipping my tooth on a driving ride and having to deal with trying to get to a dentist, in a country we didn’t really know a lot about.

Cyprus is somewhere I would love to go back to one day, to explore and experience things as an adult who is, hopefully, more appreciative of things like the differences in culture.

Where was your favourite holiday? Have you ever been to Cyprus? What did you think?




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