Thankful For… [10]

This week I have really thought about how lucky and privileged I am to have the things and opportunities that are available to me, and so even though most of these things are just little thankful fors, I also have to think about those big things that we often take for granted

  • A successful first few days at a new job
  • Celebrating the birthday of one of my best friends
  • Central heating
  • American pancakes and maple syrup – it’s so good!
  • Planning up and coming blog posts – and being organised 🙂
  • People who constantly support me and encourage me not to give up, even when sometimes that would be the easy option
  • When I’m writing blog posts, I love to either listen to music or watch cheesy TV – my picks at the minute have to be Dance Moms and the A-Team

Dance Moms.jpg

What are you thankful for?



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