Joe & Caspar Hit the Road USA

This is the second film from YouTubers Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee, which follows them as they complete a road trip full of challenges and food. This time they travel across America, stopping in a number of places to battle against each other to avoid the final forfeit.

The hilarious challenges that Joe and Caspar have to face include trying their hand at gospel singing, life-guarding on an LA beach and even becoming cowboys for a day. Along the way, they are also faced with a multitude of food, with results that aren’t always the best.


I think one of the best things about this film is the down to earth nature of Joe and Caspar and how genuine they are. It is clear how genuinely excited they are about the things they are having the opportunity to experience. They are just ‘normal’ people, who have the chance to follow their dreams, thanks to the phenomenon that is YouTube. Their friendship also shines through, despite them being pitted against each other, and as a viewer of their videos you can imagine that it is how they would act even if the camera wasn’t there.

Another thing that draws me to this film is that Joe and Caspar have the opportunity to travel to places that are on my wish list and so it’s great to imagine that one day I’ll get the opportunity to see those places myself, and experience the different cultures and lifestyles that even different parts of America have.


I would definitely recommend this film to anyone who is a fan of Joe and Caspar’s YouTube channels, but I would also recommend it to someone who is looking for a lighthearted, laugh-out-loud film to watch.

If you’ve seen the film, let me know what you thought – and what your favourite part was (without giving away the ending 🙂 )


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