November Photo-a-Day Challenge – Week 3

Week 3! I can’t believe that I’ve (nearly) managed to take a photo everyday for three weeks

Day 15 –


As I don’t have any animals, I took a picture of a stuffed dog I have had for many years. My dad brought him for my when I was a kid, and at that time the dog was basically the same size as me, and I have kept him ever since.

Day 16 –


These fake red poppies sit in the kitchen window of my house, hence their faded colour, but they have been there as long as I can remember and for some reason they always remind me of summer, even on dull, cold rainy days.

Day 17 –
Hot Drink


My hot drink of choice is hot chocolate, especially in one of my favourite mugs. The only thing missing is the cream and marshmallows 🙂

Day 18 –


This was a bit of a strange one, so enjoy a picture of my feet in one of my cosiest pairs of socks

Day 19 –


You can’t beat a good black and white photo and this is one of me and my little brother

Day 20 –


This is an old picture, but I felt like it fit. It was a cute wood sculpture/ piece of art, we found exploring a park and I thought it was pretty cool.

Day 21 –


This one is pretty self-explanatory, but something you can’t get from the image is that this candle smells so good!

There’s not long left of this ‘challenge’ now but I’m really loving it



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