Thankful For… [9]

This week seems to have flown and because of that I’m trying to think back to all I have done and need to be thankful for:

  • I had a successful driving lesson, despite having a few weeks off and being really nervous
  • I have uploaded a total of 20 posts on this blog! It’s not a lot but I am really enjoying it, and even though the views aren’t very high it’s been a place for me to just write, which is something I have always loved doing
  • I went to the theatre with my sister, and although the show wasn’t the best it was nice to spend some time with her
  • One of my friends was due to go into the hospital to have an emergency c-section, but thankfully the problem has sorted itself out, and so she can wait until she gives birth naturally
  • My mum brought me some dairy milk caramel nibbles and oasis (the drink), which are some of my favourite treats to have, especially on cosy nights in
  • I’ve done lots more Christmas shopping (I like being organised ahead of time), and the presents I haven’t brought I know what I want to get
  • Some of my favourite YouTubers released products this week and I received them both (I had pre-ordered them)
  • And last but not least, I got a job! – It’s only part time (a few hours a week), but it’s what I wanted and it means I can start looking for some work experience or volunteering in the field I really want to get into in the future

What is it that you are thankful for? I would love to hear from you




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