November Photo-a-Day Challenge – Week 2

I’m really enjoying this challenge, especially taking the time to find something that fits the category of the day.

Day 8 –


This was quite an obscure category but my mum has this little table which holds a salt and pepper pot and some tubes to put tomato sauce and mustard in. I think it’s really cute and so I decided to take a picture of it.

Day 9 –


This photo is very bad quality as I took it of my laptop screen, but this is one of my current favourite songs.

Day 10 –


I don’t really own anything yellow and I spent most of the day at home. Reading is something I do to relax, and this is my current book, which happened to partly be the right colour.

Day 11 –
Outside my window


The title of this picture is pretty self explanatory.

Day 12 –


Although it doesn’t look small in this picture, this is a small paperweight. I love it, as I’m  a huge Harry Potter fan.

Day 13 –


This was quite a strange one, but I decided to photograph these wooden dogs which my mum has had for a long time. I remember playing with them when I was younger and particularly liking the largest one – which is how it fits into the category.


Day 14 –

I found these swirls in the pictures of my adult colouring books – one is just generic patterns and there other, as you may be able to tell, is Harry Potter.

These were a little easier to find pictures of in comparison to last week. Let’s hope the next one’s are some good categories too.



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