November Photo-a-Day Challenge – Week 1

I love taking photos but don’t often get my camera out to just take pictures, so I thought this challenge would encourage me. I’m going to post the pictures in weekly instalments rather than daily posts. Also I have and may cheat slightly for some photos, and they may not be taken on exactly the right day.

Day 1 –
My name starts with…


My sister gave me this when I went to university and although it is simple, I love it and can see it being a permanent decoration in my room. 

Day 2 –


This is quite a random word to try and take a picture of, but as I graduated on this day I took a photo of my seat number.

Day 3 –


I love this time of the year, especially walking through fallen leaves of all shapes,sizes and colours.

Day 4 – 


For this picture, I decided to capture the brown brick of a church in Leamington Spa. I spent the day in Leamington with some friends and it was a lovely day. 

Day 5 – 


For this photo I simply snapped an image of me all wrapped in my blanket, fluffy socks and warm slippers, which was perfect for the cold weather. 

Day 6 – 


This is an old photo from Halloween, but I thought it was acceptable given the category.

Day 7 –


I also cheated a bit with this picture, as I didn’t take it but I spent most of the day travelling and so didn’t get the opportunity to take any photos with friends

So that’s week one done. I actually really enjoyed it, even though I did struggle with a few of the categories. Can’t wait for the next week! 



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