Zoella Lifestyle: On My Travels Set

The Zoella Lifestyle On My Travels set consists of: the backpack, a set of Write on Point pencils, a Key to Inspiration keyring and a Topped with Cream and Sprinkles travel mug.

On My Travels 2.JPG

I have used the bag a few times now and I really like it. It is a really simple design and it appears to be good quality. I do, however, have a few negatives. Firstly there is no clasp for the closing flap, and I have found that this blows about in the wind and it means that the contents are only secured by the drawstring. Another negative I have found is that the are no packets or compartments within the inside of the bag, which for me personally is a negative as I like to have specific places for things (especially keys) rather than having everything rattling around in the bottom of the bag. There is however lots of space and adjustable straps, depending on how high you want to wear it on your back.

Write on Point 2.JPG



Inspire Keyring 2.JPG

I really like the Write on Point pencils. There are five in the set in an ombre colour style with sweet little quotes and sayings on the end, such as hugs and kisses. They are good quality and I can see myself using these a lot. The Key to Inspiration keyring is also good quality and I love the colour scheme, which is consistent throughout the whole Zoella Lifestyle range. It is however quite long and chunky and so I might not put it on my keys but find somewhere else for it.

Travel Mug 2.JPG

I haven’t used the travel mug yet and so I am hoping that when I do it will be as good quality as the rest of this set. Once again I love this colour scheme and particularly with this mug, the marble effect. I’m very much looking forward to having a hot chocolate with cream and sprinkles in this.

Overall I really like this set, although I am glad that I brought it during its time on sale as Boots Star Gift rather than at full price.


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