Coming Soon..

Since I started this blog, I’ve posted a mixture of things from reviews of television programmes to life updates including job hunting but recently I have been searching for new ideas of content I can post on a regular basis and so over the next few weeks I hope to:

  • Continue to post a weekly thankful for – It’s really made me think about all those little things
  • I have found a photo challenge for November – and although I may not post the photos daily (probably weekly) I hope it will encourage me to get my camera out a bit more
  • I also came across a years blog challenge, which suggests a post for each week – and so hopefully it will mean that you can learn a bit more about me but also will give me some things to think about and maybe expand on in the future (Obviously this isn’t my original idea so credit goes to whoever came up with this challenge)

Blog Challenge.jpg

I can’t promise that I will stick to these new uploads and a schedule but I’m hoping by planning as much as I can, I will be able to post more regularly and comprehensively.



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