Interview Nerves

In the process of job hunting, interviews are part of the package and so in the last few months I have had a handful of them. With another interview in a few days, I thought I’d write a little post about them. I’m not going to give tips or tell you horror stories, I simply thought I’d share some thoughts and feelings.

I’ve always been someone who often second guesses myself and over analyses what I say and what I do, and so interviews are definitely not something I enjoy. The pressure that an interview holds, particularly at this stage in my life, often makes me feel like my nerves get the best of me. So when it comes to being unsuccessful in a job, I blame the fact that I was nervous, that I didn’t say what I wanted to because of y nerves, over the fact that there was probably just someone who fit the criteria better or was more appropriately qualified.

There is so much to think about before an interview as well: What to wear – you don’t wan’t to be too casual, or if possible too smart? How much, if any, research to do about the company and what sort of things do you need to know and are likely to be asked about? Is there anything that you need to take ? Where do you need to go? How long will it take to get there? And although I try to be prepared with all these things, there’s always that little niggle in the back of my mind that I’ve forgotten something, or that there will always be someone more prepared and suitable than I am.

Wrapping up my rambling, there are always a few things I try to remember when I’ve been offered an interview: they offered me an interview for a reason, so on paper (or online as it is mostly these days) it must seem as though I am suitable for the position; and, that despite the nerves, I can only do my best and be myself. And so I have my fingers crossed for my interview this weekend but whatever the outcome there will always be another opportunity further down the line.

If you do have any interview tips or experiences I would love to hear them.



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