Thankful for… [1]

I’ve always been someone who tries to appreciate the little things in life, and so I am going to hopefully share regularly what I have been thankful for recently. This idea was inspired by Sprinkle of Glitter’s “mini happies” posts, and I thought it would make me stop and think in the craziness of life about the things that we, as a human race, often miss.

So this week I am thankful for…

  • Spending time with my little brother being creative with clay and paint
  • The reading app Wattpad – I love getting lost in a book, and with this app I can do it for free
  • The sunshine – the sun makes me happy
  • Yet on the flip side of that, I love that it is now autumn (in the UK) because I can not to get out my big, cosy jumpers
  • And very randomly, ice cream. More specifically the rocky road ice cream my mum brought for me earlier in the week


So those are just a few of the thing that I’m thankful for.
Feel free to comment your own. I’d love to know what little things other people are appreciating.



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